Guten Tag, ich bin Edgar Huber. Mein Spezialgebiet ist die Elektronik und hier der Bereich Marketing & Communication (MarCom), also die Kommunikation mit dem Markt durch die Nutzung von verschiedenen On- und Offline Medien. Digitalisierung, Social Media und Internet nehmen aktuell mehr und mehr eine tragende Rolle ein, wenn es um die Darstellung und Außenwirkung einer Firma geht. Broschüren, Pressearbeit und Videos sind unabdingbare Bestandteile eines professionellen Markenauftritts. Gerade dann ist ein erfahrenes Management in den Bereichen Marketing & Kommunikation von enormer Bedeutung.


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The task

In medium-sized industrial companies, marketing tasks are often organized by the sales department or management. The processing then usually takes place via an advertising agency, which only offers its special service on the market. However, this solution is often not the best one for the needs oft he costumer.

The solution

As a marketing manager with 20 years of professional experience in the industrial sector, I can assess these tasks for you neutrally and organize the necessary measures. You then have the time to devote yourself to your actual tasks.

Your advantage

My network includes all the resources necessary to achieve the best for you on the market: advertising agencies, PR specialists, translation agencies and multimedia agencies are just as much a part of it as stand builders and event organizations. In addition, I have very good contacts to the common industrial media.

Marketing is not everything - but without marketing everything is nothing!


Marcom360 means the complete coverage of all requirements that are placed on a company today in the field of marketing and communication. A homepage created according to the latest technological findings is required today. Findability on the Internet plays a crucial role in today's world. But the classic forms of advertising are still indispensable tools for every company.

Press work

Press releases, product announcements, articles, interviews, advertisements


Video and animation

Conception and production of image and product films

Internet and social media

Websites, search engine optimization and presence in social networks

Event management

Organization and project support at trade fairs, events, seminars and other events

Marketing is thinking with the mind of the customer!


Successfully implemented marketing campaigns with a focus on comprehensive service and placement of the various brands on all communication channels and platforms.

Those who stop advertising to save money can also stop their watch to save time.


Then don't waste any time! Get in touch.

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